First Post On New Site…

Welcome to the new site.  I plan to post new Blogs on Art and Life often.   (Note: “Often” can mean a lot of things.)

I do promise NOT to get all political or extremist on you folks.  (See?  Like the word “folks”.  My original plan was to use the word “guys”, but I thought that it might cause some tension.  Besides, “Folks” has that sort of home-spun feel to it that relaxes people.)

I cannot promise that I won’t resort to being a smart-ass from time to time.  Blame my parents.  In my mom’s senior yearbook she was voted “Wittiest”.  ( Translation: Smart-ass ).  My dad just has a very bizzaro take on life.  Together it was a great, loving combination of parenting skills that didn’t give me a chance in Hell at taking much of life serious.  And I thank them for that.


Building this site, myself, using GoDaddy and WordPress has been quite the experience.  My conclusion; I am probably one of the best Artists you will ever meet AND  I suck at WordPress………………..Talk to you soon.